[review] Chateau de Sukhumvit , cozy stay in Sukhumvit Bangkok


I was invited to stay at a hotel in the heart of Sukhumvit , Chateau de Sukhumvit , around my birthday. What a treat!


This is a lovely size hotel, runs by a family, and it gives you a very homely touch with European decorations. I talked to the owner and the family has been travel a lot and they fall in love with Europe , hence the name and the decoration.


You're not going to find a grand big lobby here but all the small details are taken care of. Wi-Fi password is available at the lobby, after check in, an accounts per person.

We arrived around lunchtime, so we were heading towards the restaurant. It's a small size cafe’-ish restaurant with a lot of space upstairs for functions or events of 30-40 people.

That fancy machine makes nice coffee. But if hot drinks are too much for the sunny Bangkok , try some cold drinks and soda or iced coffee, somehow it's very common in Bangkok and it has the weather to blame cheeky . There's a stoop by the restaurant so you can catch some sun while enjoying Italian soda.


The menu here has both European and Thai dishes, in for Thai menus they are very Thai, which is very different from western adapted Thai restaurant. Order a few and see if you like them, for me I really enjoyed  the authentic food here. Oh if you're not used to asian spices you might want to tell them while you ordering.


What is a better  way to celebrate birthday then having an afternoon nap and get ready for a dinner feast? Each of the room is decorated differently and my room has Miss Monroe. I love pink ! The whole place was newly renovated and the bed is very clean,  very impressed because having such sensitive skin I can easily get irritated and rashes.

It offers you basic amenities and facilities such as shampoo, soap, shower cap and cables. You need to bring your own toothbrush though. It also provides a working table and I couch just in case you decide to have a long-term stay.

The hotel is quite far from BTS , you could walk but it's going to be a rather long walk. I prefer the hotel’s shuttle tuk tuk, could drop you off by Sukumvit Road, On nut station BTS station,  which has plenty of shopping malls, Tesco Lotus , The Phyll. And on the way there is a gym call ‘muscle factory’ not really my type of workout but if you prefer gym excerice this might be your place. The tuk tuk can drop you over. Oh and if you have any idea that tuk tuks are going to be fast and furious in Bangkok, you are right but not this one!


We took BTS from Onnut to Thonglor to find something to sink our teeth in.Only minutes and we reached a place called ‘The Taste’ filled with too many good restaurants. We ended up in ‘sweetery’ that's not only provide desserts that also main dishes. I’d to think about this as Breakfast  and desserts restaurant that serves in the afternoon onwards. [and this is it's location https://goo.gl/maps/VCxjM8v83gr]


Thonglor is filled with taxis so we didn't have problem going back at all.


The next morning I was too lazy to go downstairs so I ordered of room service, it was exactly the same menu from yesterday's lunch. Everybody loves breakfast in bed.

The set is only 99Baht which is less than 3USD and it's quite substantail. But if you want a breakfast feast you can always order from Chateau Cafe' .. and says who you can't have lasagna for breakfast wink.

And then it's time to check out. I'm quite happy with this place, it's quite simple and quiet. BTS is a bit futher away, a kilometer I guess, but the hotel provides a shuttle tuk tuk to compensate that. However, it doesn't have luxury facilities such as swimming pool or gym but there’s a tennis court right next door to use.


Summary : This is a small size hotel downtown with a very a reasonable price. The food is impressive and suits business trip. I would definitely use it as a hide away if I need quiet space to finish my loads of work. 


Promotion now is

Superior room 990 baht

Family room 1650 baht

Single room (for one person) 825 baht

For more information
Hotel website and booking : http://www.chateaudesukhumvit.com/
Phone number :
+6627415999 , +66805595959
Map : GPS 13.699293, 100.598921 (in google map https://goo.gl/maps/CPzXep3fGSA2



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